old couple enjoying retirementAs a senior, you’ve spent decades saving up to enjoy the peace and quiet of your retirement years. But, after a few months of puttering around the house, you may realize that it’s still too early to be put out to pasture.

What to do?

There are dozens of fun activities and opportunities that you can enjoy in your golden years that will keep you busy and engaged with the world around you.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best ways to get the most out of your retirement.


Leaving work behind you doesn’t mean the end of challenges and new experiences. Volunteer in a wide variety of exciting jobs to:

  • Make new friends
  • Indulge a lifelong interest
  • Learn a new skill
  • Start a whole new career

Are You an Animal Lover?

man and dog after retirement
Many shelters, especially the “no kill” shelters that have become common are desperate for any help they can get to feed, walk, and socialize shelter animals until their forever family comes to take them home.

Volunteers are also needed to care for puppies and kittens that are too young for the shelter environment – you will nurture and socialize the animal so it has the best chance at survival and being adopted.

What about the Zoo?

Zoos in everywhere rely on volunteers to assist with an many responsibilities:

  • Maintaining animal enclosures
  • Preparing species specific meals
  • Assist in habitat creation for new exhibits
  • Lead guided tours

Of course, the biggest benefits are getting to enjoy being a part of a unique organization and every the new challenges everyday brings!

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

woman gardening after retirement
Donate your time to make the local botanical garden bloom!

Botanical gardens are an opportunity to spend your days immersed in some of the world’s most exotic plant species while learning plant and garden care from experienced botanists – free of charge.

Your Local Park

Local governments are responsible for maintaining green areas. It takes a lot of work to keep parks, beaches, river fronts, and picnic areas clean and safe.

Volunteer with your park’s department and enjoy the exercise and fresh air that you’ll get making nature accessible and enjoyable for your fellow citizens.

Are You a Book Lover?

Libraries are always in need of help to provide services to the public. Your local library needs volunteers to perform duties like:

  • Reading to children
  • Restoring books and reference materials to their proper shelves
  • Tutoring other seniors in the use of the internet and printer, how to conduct searches and send email
  • Repair damaged books and reference materials

Can you speak another language? Libraries need volunteers to help newly arrived immigrants to learn English, find work, and use the library’s resources to apply for the social benefits they need.


man on the beach
What if you just want to do fun stuff?

The number of people aged 55+ in the United States is growing at an astonishing rate; this means many more destinations and tour companies are exclusively catering to seniors.


behind the wheel of a yacht
Cruises just for seniors, can vary from travel to “bucket -list” destinations and seniors-only cruise ships to cruise lines that will cater to multigenerational families traveling together and accommodations for senior travelers with medical conditions or disabilities.

Take a senior cruise to enjoy

  • Onboard learning
  • Relaxing sea days
  • Exciting themed sailing
  • Fine dining in the company of your peers

Over 50 Travel

There is a selection of small group, exotic adventure companies that will provide you an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity to do things like:

  • Treks through the African veldt
  • Travel the Chinese Silk Road and live history
  • See hidden Eastern Europe with it’s ancient ruins and incredible culture

All in a tour package designed to be engaging for people like you; experienced, appreciative and enthusiastic to get the most out of the experience. Easily discover the possibilities with a quick online search

Retirement is a Chance to Do What You Want

You put in the time, did everything the right way, and deferred spending your nest egg so you could enjoy a secure retirement. Now is the time to do all those things you’ve always wanted to, but never could.

Whether it’s dedicating yourself to a cause dear to you – or grabbing life by the horns and enjoying what the world has to offer, don’t hesitate! Make your later years a truly golden time in your life.

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