How to make workouts more enjoyable!

We all know working out can be boring and repetitive. Forcing yourself to go to the gym, lacking the motivation or ambition to work out. Running on the treadmill or outside can become mind-numbing. Doing the same number of squats every day, the same routine can be boring. How do you keep yourself motivated? How can you stay excited to burn calories? There’s plenty of ways to make working out fun and less of a chore, there’s something fun for everyone. Some of these methods may even be a fun/new experience that you may end up loving!

Take a Hike

man hiking up a mountain
Get some friends together and go for a hike, whether it’s up a mountain or on a trail. I love to get a group together and go hiking up in the Adirondacks. Some days we walk a steep mountain and others we stick with the leveled course. It’s a great way to see your surroundings and also a great way to get your heart rate up and your legs burning. I feel the burn for a good day or two after hiking. The best part about hiking is the view, I love looking out at the scenery, it’s peaceful and beautiful. I feel so good when I see how high I’ve climbed.

Check out your Surroundings

There’s always places to sight-see. Walking tours are great. You can go tour a brewery, a town landmark, a museum, or a zoo/aquarium. Even just walking through-out town. Always something cool to see. This is a great way to count your steps. You can’t even begin to imagine how many steps your taking while being distracted by all the scenery and cool exhibits to look at. I enjoy walking through nearby towns and window shopping in all the stores. This is a great way to meet new people.

Dance like no one is Watching

Dance your butt off. Even if you aren’t the best dancer and have no rhythm, dancing is a ton of fun! You can work out your whole body without even knowing it. There’s dancing classes, fitness dancing classes, even dance marathons. I find swing dancing and zumba a blast and I am always sweating by the time I’m done. My heart gets racing and I get in the moment that an hour goes by instantly. If you aren’t ok with dancing in public then get a DVD tutorial and learn! It can be very useful in the future.

Learn Something New

I’ve tested out a bunch of different classes like zumba, yoga, pilates and spinning. I have always had a blast. My next class will be boxing. There’s something about being with a group of people that all want the same results while doing something active and fun. When you’re working out in a group, you all motivate and push each other. If you go on Groupon you can usually find discount classes.


man playing water tag with his children
One of the most fun ways to burn calories and get your heart rate ups is by playing with kids. My nephew loves to run around. “Chase Me, Chase Me!” All the time I am chasing after him and it gets my heart rate up fast. He loves to throw the ball and loves to swim, all activities that I can do with him and get a great workout. I thoroughly enjoy playing with kids, I laugh and feel happy.

Exercise while you Work

Stand at your desk, walk on lunch break, go to the bathroom on the opposite end of the building. There’s many ways to keep your body active at work, mostly when you work at a desk. On an hour lunch break I walk for a half hour, it just gets your blood moving and your heart rate going again. While I sit at my desk I move my legs up and down in a scissor motion, I stretch at my desk and I even dance while listening to music. Keeps me somewhat active and makes the day go by faster.

Make Cleaning Fun Again

This is always hard, yes, cleaning is a great workout but it’s boring. One of those tasks you hate doing. When I clean, I crank up a fun dance-worthy playlist and get to work. I dance while doing dishes, jump and move around while vacuuming and have fun folding laundry. I strap on some leg weights and get cleaning. Nothing like a dance party to make cleaning an enjoyable work out.

Active Video Games?

How can video games help you stay physically active! Yes, video games are fun, we have all played them for hours and hours. That is a lot of sitting. But recently video games have become more active, we now have Wii, track pads and Dance-Dance Revolution (which is my favorite). I have this track-pad game where you do different Olympic sports like hurdles and sprints. Gets my heart rate up fast by just jumping up and down and running in place. The Wii has many games that enhance physical activity like playing tennis, golf and other sports.


I love playing WarioWare, which is basically just a bunch of mini games designed to keep you active. In one game, I am jumping up and down and the other I am spinning in circles dancing. Nothing gets your heart rate going as much as DDR. Dance-Dance Revolution is by far the most physically trying video game I have ever played. I once danced so fast for such a long period of time that I had to go jump in a snowbank. I was sweating so bad. It is an incredibly fun game that anyone can play. These games are great to play in a group, you get laughing and cheering each other on, even competing against one another.

Recreational Sports Leagues

men playing baseball
If you love baseball but aren’t at that minor or major league level you can still play on community leagues. I know people who play on local leagues with friends, colleagues and even random people. It’s very common for companies to have their own softball or baseball league that just play against each other. It’s fun and a great way to bond with coworkers and make new friends.

Wear it

Wear a FitBit. I find it fun to take challenges from my Fitbit. You have a certain number of stairs to climb, miles, calories to burn, cardio minutes and number of steps. There’s even a water tracker which helps me because I never drink enough water. I enjoy hitting my goals because I get a congratulatory notification that makes me feel good.

Weight Loss Betting? This website is a fun incentivized game to help you lose weight. You make a set weight goal and the harder you work, the more pounds you shed, the more money you win! They give you goals like if you choose the 6-month program you have to lose 10% of your body weight. Great way to motivate others trying to lose weight.

Couch-less television time

How much time do you spend sitting on the couch watching your favorite shows? On average a show is 30 minutes to an hour. You could get a full workout in and still watch your show. I like to hula hoop, jump rope, do sit ups and jog in place when my shows are on. Gets my heart rate up and the time flies by. Take commercial breaks to relax and cool down but don’t stop moving during the show.

There’s plenty of ways to be physically active and actually enjoy it. Most of the activities on this list are easy and time efficient so there’s no reason you can’t get up and do it. Try it out, let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions to add.

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