person on scale surrounded by junk foodObesity has become an epidemic that currently affects over a third of adults in the U.S. alone. It seems that everywhere you turn, people are being cautioned about eating certain foods. What those taboo foods are depends on the latest trend. For years, the public was told that fat was the cause of overweight. Manufacturers quickly came out with fat-free versions of favorite foods in order not to lose market share. After the fat-free fad ended, people were warned off foods containing high fructose corn syrup. Over the decades, almost everything has made it onto the list at some time or another, including seafood, all white foods, soda and pop, grains, gluten, steak, eggs, and of course all non-organic produce.

The Influx of Multivitamins

Multivitamin pillsIn exchange for essentially being reduced to only drinking water (which has also been vilified, due to fluoride), many people turned to vitamins and supplements to get the nutrition they need. Multivitamins, powdered protein mixes, power bars, and algae supplements flood the aisles of health food stores. These vitamins and diet supplements are not only costly; they are largely ineffective. Studies have shown that most vitamins and supplements simply pass straight through the body without any offering anything more than a nominal effect. A term has even been given, called expensive urine, which alludes to the fact that multivitamins go straight through and are passed out the body during the waste cycle.

Why Active People Shouldn’t Diet

female fitness trainerThe fact is, if you are an active person, there’s no need for you to pay attention to the diatribe against various categories of food. If an individual is obese or has certain health conditions that are being treated by a physician, then yes, certain foods may be off limits. But for a normal, functioning adult who maintains an active lifestyle, you can actually stay healthier by ignoring the noise about avoiding any kind of food. Active, healthy individuals can eat everything because everything they eat will be burned off. It’s only with sedentary people that excess calories are stored as fat. In a healthy, functioning active body, calories are used for energy, vitamins are extracted and used where needed in the body, and fat is not accumulated on the body. For active people, food avoidance is actually detrimental to health, since the body doesn’t receive everything it needs to maintain peak performance and function. Leaving out things like carbs and fat from the diet can lead to fatigue, brain fog, muscle loss and worse. Over time, the lack of adequate vitamin intake through food will lead to a person becoming less healthy and vibrant.

The Dangers of Food Avoidance

tired female looking at tiny tomatoYour body needs certain amounts of different vitamins, micro-vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more. The only way for your body to get what it needs to thrive is through your diet. Exercise and some exposure to the sun help the body to process those vitamins and minerals, of course, but they can’t get there in the first place if you don’t eat or drink them.

The body is a complex organism, and it’s impossible – even for doctors and scientists – to tell in any given period of time what vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. Only your body knows. So when you take in sufficient vitamins and minerals through food, your body uses what it needs and either stores or gets rid of what it doesn’t. That’s the natural way of your metabolism.
The danger of food avoidance; when a person omits one or more categories of food, is that they are depriving their body of what it needs to function healthily. There’s no way of knowing what that thing might be, but rest assured that there are little known or unknown internal process that can only take place when the body obtains it from food. If you avoid certain foods, you are preventing your body from having what it needs to be healthy.

The Importance of a Varied Diet

healthy foodEven dietitians and scientists have emphasized throughout the years the need for a wide and varied diet. There’s no way to be certain that an active, healthy individual is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals from their diet, except to be sure to eat everything.

Active people like you should be enjoying whatever your body craves, including pizza, ice cream, whipped cream, pancakes, pastries, wine, coffee, eggs, bacon, and all other manner of foods, even if they are considered to be “bad” according to the latest trends. As long as you are eating a minimum of two cups of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, the rest of your diet can be anything you want. This is a much more natural (and less expensive!) way to get vitamins instead of paying for overpriced multivitamins that don’t do anything, anyway.

The brain sends signals to the body to crave foods that it needs. If you are an active person, indulge your cravings to give your body what it needs to be and stay healthy. It’s in this way that you can be sure to provide all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. A widely varied diet is the healthiest of all for active individuals. Eating healthy by eating everything should be the only diet mantra you pay attention to.

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