Diet and HeartburnOver the weekend I was hanging out with some friends, at a Yankees Game, and was surprised by the simple fact that when we started discussing restaurant / food choices for after the game. All three of them were concerned by how much heartburn the potential meal choice we were making would have on them. I had a realization all three of my friends are overweight and two would be considered obese. I realized that these three get upset stomachs after eating just about everything.

In hindsight I am pretty confident that my diet, which includes about two cups of fruits & veggies a day, helps me to be able to eat anything I want to. Whether I eat Italian, Thai or Mexican I almost never have heartburn or require antacid. Now there are some acidic fruits and veggies that you’ll likely want to avoid if you experience frequent heartburn like tomatoes, oranges, lemons and limes. Additionally a decent fiber diet also helps to clean out the GI tract. So likely the whole grains that I eat for breads and healthy brown rice that I consume weekly are helping me to avoid heartburn and bloating.

Food for thought…..

If you are already on a prescription antacid or heartburn medication you should think about ways to improve your GI and stomach healthy naturally. Decreasing your Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) can cause deficiencies in your protein digestion resulting in undigested protein in your GI which is not intended to be breaking down your protein like your stomach is.

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