Outdoor HIIT Training.

Lower Body
Rest Period:
1 min
Main muscles worked:

This week I took my workout to the park. With daylight hours decreasing I’m soaking up all the sunlight and fresh air I can before having to take my workouts back inside. This fat burning, leg blasting HIIT circuit is perfect for those of you who are still holding off on getting that gym membership or maybe need to squeeze a quick workout in while watching the kids at the park. I bet your park has a lot of “equipment” you didn’t even realize you could use for a quick but simple and effective workout.

For this circuit all you need is a flat and elevated surface (i.e. park bench, box, platform, etc.).
Warmup 5 minute jog/fast paced walk around the park

  1. Circuit
    Complete 15 reps of the following exercises. Once all 4 exercises are completed, rest 1 minute and repeat. Complete ten rounds.

    1. Box Jumps
    2. Alyssa Doing box jumps

    3. Toe Touches
    4. ALyssa doing toe touches

    5. Lateral Step-Up Jumps
    6. Alyssa Doing Lateral Side steps

    7. Mountain Climbers
    8. Alyssa doing hill Climbers

Cool Down:
5 minute jog/walk around the park

Need help with how to perform some of these movements? Head over to my Instagram page to see the whole circuit!

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