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It may be assumed that lifting weights, especially anything ‘heavy’, will lead to looking like something like The Incredible Hulk!

In my experience it does nothing of the sort! Phew! So now that we have that cleared up, we can get to the crux of why we ladies should certainly be adding strength work into our life.

I’m Hannah, a Female! Also a Wife, Mum of two, a Coach, Athlete, Business-woman, Friend, Household Cook, Chore-doer, and in amongst all of those things I hope there is one or more that you can relate to.

Throughout my journey to date, (and I say journey because that’s what I believe it is) I’m constantly learning, evolving and understanding the human body, my body. It’s a lifelong mission and a subject that I have masses of passion for, and I hope to pass on that passion to inspire others.

I began my mission to become a fitter, stronger version of myself some years ago after having children, initially hoping to look better, but soon realizing that in setting myself goals and lifting weights – it was actually about the change in mindset. I started to learn how to love my body for what it can do and not hating it for what it looks like. I’d take progression over perfection any day of the week!

Strong. It’s what I stand for: in both body and mind.

Experiencing strength gain myself, and coaching females through the process, I have only seen a positive impact on health, aesthetics and mindset. If applied in the correct way, the female form responds beautifully to strength gain – I say strength gain because muscle gain often scares people off! But hear me out…

“Are you one of the many women in the world who aspires to look ‘toned’, to be able to hold yourself confidently, to go through life in the best possible health?”

If so, then strength/weight training should be the dominant form of activity. Seeing as the demands placed upon your body will determine whether excess calories become fat or muscle, weight training trumps all other forms of activity when it comes to the all-important fat loss! It’s the only type of movement that can shunt extra calories into muscle gain versus fat. Muscle growth leads to a healthy metabolism, which means no harmful restriction of calories that can lead to metabolic damage and fat gain!

Many women speak of wanting to appear more ‘toned’ and this muscle gain is what will achieve this look. Although not all of my clients have aesthetic goals, I still look to apply a strength-based approach to all – marathon runners and Mums alike!

Creating a solid foundation in great movement using a progressive program can lead to enhanced performance, reduce the risk of injury, and maybe if not the most important aspect of all – being able to live life to the fullest, in good health and managing your daily tasks with ease.

Family workout with the kids! Photo Credit: Hannah Wilson

New books, trend workouts and information bombarding our inboxes can make it difficult to piece the puzzle together. How do you  know exactly what you can do to make progress when it comes to exercise, nutrition and health. At the root of my philosophy is SIMPLICITY.

Let me show you just how to simplify:

Nutrition – Eat nutritious food that will fuel the body so that you can give the best energy to all aspects of your life. Not restricting calories, but fueling your body.

Exercise – Make excellent form in movement your priority. The longer we are able to move well, without injury, essentially the longer we are able to go on living. Concentrate on quality of movement under bodyweight initially. Learning how to move mindfully will set you in good stead. Bad movement habits over time can lead to some areas of the body becoming dominant, often resulting in poor mobility, pain, or injury.

Mindset – Set goals. Note down what it is you would like to achieve. Set a realistic plan of how you will do it. Then set to work and make it happen! Review your progress – do it often.

‘Balance’ has become the ‘trend’ word to hit the health and fitness industry of late, but what does it mean? To me it means fitting in being Wife, Mum of two, a coach, athlete, friend, cook, chore-doer – and still make time to breathe!! No mean feat hey?! And I’m guessing most others out there can relate to trying to squeeze in many aspects of life into the same 24/7?

I for one, am constantly aiming to balance all of these roles and have found the best way to do so, is to SIMPLIFY.

With a more minimalist approach I have found that I am able to give more dedicated attention to each area of my life.

I wish you all the luck in striving for balance and becoming a stronger version of you.

Here’s to strong women – may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Written by Hannah Wilson of Fox Phys.

I’m strong – but I’m not The Hulk!! Photo Credit: Hannah Wilson

Please see link below to show you how to make a start in achieving better movement.

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Hannah Wilson