Macrobiotic Diet – Can it Treat Cancer?

There are incredible stories circulating about people who have used the macrobiotic diet to overcome incurable, end-stage cancer. Unsurprisingly, people dealing with cancer typically find these stories incredibly compelling. One of the things that make a cancer...
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Don’t Define Healthy Body Image, Live It

People are constantly bombarded with images of a “perfect” body. You’ve no doubt been told to avoid the messages sent to you about what a body should be or should look like, but it can never be said enough! The truth of the matter is that you don’t need to be as thin...
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This is What Eating Healthier Will Do For You

Are you the type that snacks a lot throughout the day, and then skips the healthy lunch and dinner that the people in your life prepare for you? Consider this, for the best uptake of calories, minerals and nutrients everyone should eat six small meals a day. Many of...
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Rites of Passage – What are They and Why We Need Them

What is a rite of passage? The dictionary definition is: A ceremony that marks a significant transitional period in someone’s life. Regardless the event – it marks a permanent change in your status as a person in your community. A rite of passage typically involves a...
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Are You Freaking Out With Back to School Separation Anxiety, or Are Your Kids?

Separation Anxiety – 9 Ways to Overcome it It can be heartbreaking as the new school year begins and you know the cries of “Mommy, please stay a little longer” will make drop-off an emotionally draining experience. Worse, after a long summer – you’re going to miss...
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12 Great Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

Sadly, summer’s over – the days are getting shorter, and the mornings chillier. All those fun summer activities that helped you burn calories, stay fit, and stock up on healthy vitamin D won’t be feasible for much longer. How will you keep fit as the cold weather...
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As a healthy and wellness community we have set out to curate useful articles on healthy living tips, secrets and theories. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on that special article that connects with you. Understanding that living better means many things to lots of people: from methods of weight loss, exercising and practicing mindfulness. Even the most general of life tip can do a world of good when it connects with the right person.

We’ve had some great contributions from dieter success stories like Kelsey V. “How I Lost Weight and Got Healthy with Nutrisystem”. I was blown away with her Nutrisystem success story. She managed to lose 80 pounds in less than one year*. More impressive is her drive to keep on losing.

Checkout a couple of our well received controversial articles Is Western Medicine Curing or Causing Disease? and How Much Sugar is in ____?.


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